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We confirm that we have had CleanupOz Cleaning Services as our cleaning contractor since February 2009. We have found their service to be of high quality, they are puntual and their staff are friendly. I would recommend this company to you as your cleaning contractor.

David Osborne
State Manager
Bulk Handling Australia Group Pty Ltd

Posted by: David Osborne     Dated: 02-09-2014 12:12PM

Cleanup Oz has been cleaning our two newest sites in Penrith for the last six months, and I am extremely pleased with standard. I have 18 offices in three states, and I can firmly state that the way our Penrith sites are maintained are among the very best.On top of that, George is friendly, reliable an always professional.I would be pleased to recomend him to any potential customer.

Kerry Palejs
MAS National

Posted by: Kerry     Dated: 02-09-2014 12:17PM

APM has had the priviledge of utilising the services of CleanupOz Cleaning Services and George since November 2008. We are very impressed with the level of service, that we now utilise CleanupOz at 6 of our locations and will continue to use George's services as we grow our business in Sydney. We have found George to be professional, friendly and willing to go above and beyond to ensure we are happy. George offers a consistent level of service. I have no problem in highly recommending Clean

Posted by: Alison     Dated: 02-09-2014 12:15PM

Happy With The Quality Of Work!

Boori International Pty. Ltd has engaged the cleaning services of cleanupOz Cleaning Services of Shop 47-48 Emerton Shopping Village Emerton. George has performed his duties with utmost care and professionalism. His friendly and polite manners had earned him respect from all Borri staff. He is punctual, reliable and thorough. I have no hesitation in recommending CleanupOz Cleaning Services.

Josie Bruce
Operation Manager
Boori International
(02) 9833 3769

Posted by: Josie     Dated: 02-09-2014 12:16PM

Professionalism And Hardworking Attitude Is Top Notch!

We are a machanical workshop that has recently contracted CleanupOz Cleaning Services to clean our office and staff amenities. From our initial contact to now, we have found them to be very reliable in all arrangements and continue to use them for our cleaning needs

Ralph Mazza
Penrith Engine Services
Proprietor (02) 4731 6302

Posted by: Ralph Mazza     Dated: 02-09-2014 12:12PM
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