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Who Do You Think Is The Clear Winner Google,Apple & Microsoft?

Who do you think is the clear winner between Microsoft,Google and Apple? Their dominance has stemmed not so much from innovation, but from huge market power, Microsoft’s operating system, Google’s search algorithm and Apple’s i Tunes store. You could make a similar case for Intel’s chip designs. The funniest part is that these titans in technology are all American businesses and it is interestingly and widely known that shares in these global titan are owned by British investors. Though this is shaping up between Google and Apple as fight to the death as these three are chasing the same market of Smart-phone,Operating system app and social media. Though there is a lot at stake, but there is room for all parties to grow and co-exist in an atmosphere that is non-threatening, and we the users are more than happy to embrace them all. Guess what? the watch word here is greed. So what is your take in all of these?

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